Lookup different values from list using formula map?

Hi there,

I’ve been on this issue for a couple of hours, and can’t seem to get my head around it.

I am trying to check for inventory levels for an order by looking up its unique SKU value.

My formula is: thisRow.SKU.FormulaMap(Lookup([Inventory Levels],Sku, CurrentValue))

““thisRow.[VALUE 1 SKU]FormulaMap(Lookup([LOOKUP TABLE],[LOOKUP COL SKU], CurrentValue))””

This works, if the row only has a single SKU, but it does not work if the row has more then 1 SKU values.

I made an example doc, to show the issue here: https://coda.io/d/Inventory-levels_d7tBR_4hmaG

As you can see, the #2 shows the value correctly, but #1 doesn’t show anything. #1 should show each SKU from the other table as well.

Hey @Max_Pauwels,

First, no need for FormulaMap here. All you need is:

  thisRow.[SKU's].Split(", ").Contains(SKU)

Secondly, please note that your SKU's column doesn’t contain a list of SKUs, but a single string with SKU’s joined together with a comma and a space. Hence the Split(", ") there. If you intend to keep entering multiple SKUs like that, I advise you to make a separate column where you have your SKUs split into separate list items (thisRow.[SKU's].Split(", ")), then use this new column in the formula above without the Split step.

Don’t forget to change your “Shopify inventory” column type to Lookup from Inventory table and turn on the “Multiple items” toggle. Please be vary that even if the result is only one item, it is still wrapped in a list