Pulling specific items out of an Array

Hi, working on an order management system and I need to be able to pull items that are in stock out of the column Vendor and Item. I am currenty trying to use the formula:

thisRow.[Vendor and Item].FormulaMap(If(CurrentValue.Contains(“In Stock”),CurrentValue ,“Error” ))

However the contain part of the formula doesn’t seems to be recognize the value “In Stock” in the Vendor and Item column

Any help is appreciated

Hey @Canon_Huse! Your doc is view only so I can’t see the formulas. Are there any other tables?

@Johg_Ananda Here is a non read only version.


I’m not fully understanding. Is the ‘instock’ not being controlled by its own variable from shopify - you are managing it by putting it in the vendor name? Look at my column ‘Possible Fix?’ to see if thats doing what you want.

It is a bit complicated. The same product can either be in stock at our ware house or made to order. To keep from having two separate products in shopify we have a variant called location that distinguishes between items that are in stock or made to order. I need to be able to quickly and easily see what needs to be pulled from the warehouse and what needs to be sent for production at each manufacturer so I am pulling all the orders in from shopify then separating them and then tracking the order progress in Coda.

The fix you applied works but now I am trying to get rid of the extra info to make it look cleaner. I changed the error text to just be a blank but I was wondering if it is possible to get rid of the blanks.

Maybe using a filter formula would work better?

I don’t really understand what you’re doing. I think it would be a better schema to break things out a bit (more columns) and then piece them back together with formulas … atleast it would be better for a third party to understand what you’re trying to do to help! Good luck