Multiple matches using lookup formula

Hey there, I’m trying to use a lookup formula to combine multiple tables together, using a product’s SKU as the identifying column.

The issue that I’m having is that the formula is outputting a single value for some SKUs and a list for others. I think that possibly the SKUs are very similar?

This is the formula I’m using in Table 1 (my main table). Shopify is the name of the second table where the sales data lives. Variant SKU is the SKU column in the Shopify table, SKU is the SKU column in Table 1, and gross_sales is the column in the Shopify table that I ultimately want to pull over.

Lookup(Shopify,Shopify.variant_sku, thisRow.SKU).gross_sales

Is there a way to make the formula match up the SKUs exactly?

Hi @HereComesTrevor :blush:

Do you have a screenshot you could share with us ? :blush:
This might help to identify the problem…

As a side note though, from the Lookup() formula documentation, using Lookup() is not recommend anymore…

(Not that I think it has anything to do with the problem you’re encountering here, but I just though I’ll let you know :innocent: )

@Pch here is a screenshot of a new test doc I made.

Table 1 is my main table. It’s where I want sales and other columns (in the future) to all appear on the same table.

The other two tables would be for Shopify sales and Amazon sales. I want those sales columns to push into the main table sales columns, using SKU as the identifier.

Thanks for your help!

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