Filtering Shopify Lookup doesn't work

Hi! I’m trying to filter a lookup column using Shopify Pack tables.

I have a table of products and a table of variants. They are connected through the Product ID. Now I’m trying to set up a table of Purchase Orders where you first select the Product and then get the filtered list of available variants.

I’m confused that this formula setting returns all Variants and not the filtered selection. Am I making a mistake or may this be considered as a bug?

Any help is much appreciated!

Try removing Variants.Filter( and just using Product ID = thisRow.Product.Product ID

(Since you’re already in “filter” mode, I think that field is looking for a True or False value, not a filtered list)

That’s to easy!

Fixed. Thanks :slight_smile:

It trips me up from time to time too - I spend so long writing .Filter() formulas elsewhere in Coda that I forget when I’m already in a filter field and just need to get a True/False result for each row

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