Lookup & select list from a detail display

Hello everybody,

I would like to know if it is possible to pull 2 different tables (via a lookup) in the same column (Specs) up to a select list ? and being able to fill it up using the detail form (Data entry) ?

here is the example:


I think I understand what you’re asking, but please correct me if I’m wrong.

In the Vehicle Specs table, you choose Type of “Car” or “Plane” and then in a second column you have a dropdown that lets you choose what Car or Plane and only has the options that are relevant.

Create a new column that is a Select List and for the options, use this formula:
If(thisRow.Type="Car",[Car Specs],[Plane Specs])

The issue with this strategy is that any other information you want to use in another column will require a similar If() statement or individual columns for each type. This is because the Cars table and the Planes table are separate.

If there is overlapping data, it can be helpful to use a single table and have the Type in that table. You chose a good example though, because there isn’t always overlapping data…“Altitude” for a car doesn’t make much sense, but if it was “Horsepower” you could have it apply to both.

Hello @BenLee, thx for your reply !

You nearly got my point :wink: I’ve tried your formula but I think isn’t appropriate if there’re more vehicles (kind of Excel limit lookalike). I made the example very simple using only 2 vehicles and very short Specs_table, the goal is to figure it out with plenty of vehicles and very complexe Specs_table for each of them.

As you can see it sounds appropriate to me to use the detail display to fill those “Specs_table” up and also using the display of the relevant column “Specs” as a table to make it works.
I use the following lookup in the “Vehicle Specs_Data” table : Lookup([Car Specs],Lookup,thisRow) to make it appear like that:

I know that my lookup only work with car, my wish is to generate the right lookup up to the type of vehicle in the select list.
Actually, I really don’t know if it is technically good to work it like that but it sounds a great potential if it possible. If not, does an alternative exist ?


Hello @BenLee ! Did you have any idea since my last reply ?