Make a Bill Tracker

I’ve heard alot about Coda and I’m excited to see what I can do with Coda.

One thing I really want to make is a bill tracker. What I want a bill tracker in which the total amount due is adjusted as I pay my bills throughout the month. For example, I have a table with five bills with a total of $597. I pay a bill that is $100. I want the total bill due amount to reflect that I now have $497 due.

Is there a way to mark a row completed and have that specific bill amount subtracted from the total bill amount?

Yup! Add a checkbox column called ‘Paid’, and then you can use a filter, so you can do the following (assuming your table is called ‘Bills’, and you have a column ‘Amount’ which is what you’re adding up:

Bills.Filter(Paid = false()).Amount.Sum()

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that did not work nothing happened. I get an error message saying “We don’t know how to handle this part of the formula.”

Check out the Filtered Total example here:

If you are still having difficulty, could you please share a doc so I can check it out?


No access, please grant.

Have a look now, should be good.