How can you show total time running per row instead of entire column?

Hey all! I’m a new coda user and I copied coda’s time tracker template and customized it a bit. I’m having major issues where in my billable hours column, the total tracked time is showing up in every single row, rather than for that particular task row instead.

The timesheet subpage is correctly creating new rows each time the timer is executed, and shows recorded times per task. But the table in the parent page is showing TOTAL recorded time for all tasks, in every row.

I have been working at this for days, comparing the time tracker template formulas to my doc, but things just aren't working, and I might pull my hair out soon.

I would be forever thankful for any help coming to a resolution. Thank you!

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Hi @Derek_Rungsea,
the formula should be like this:

[Project timesheet].Filter(Project=thisRow).Duration.Sum()

The key concept is the Filter(), as you can see.
You have to selectively take the durations according to the context (the project).
In Coda the current row reference is provided by thisRow object.

If you are reading the formula from the end to the beginning it should make sense:

"Please, give me the sum of the durations of the rows where (Filter()) I (thisRow, the project) am in the Project timesheet table.

I hope this helps (and you keep your hair on :wink: )


Ok thank you for not letting me go bald :wink: lol

I’m getting a bit more familiar with filter now, after watching the youtube videos and patiently experimenting and playing around with everything. I’ll get it all eventually!

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