Looking some help to level up my timesheet!

Hello there !

I started to use coda, and I have to say it’s an amazing tool ! So first of all tahnks for it =)

I’ve started to work on a Project management tool inside of Coda and basically what it does is creating a liste of every project we’re working on with people in charge, status etc… Pretty simple !

I started to create a timesheet, I “duplicated” it to make individual timesheets, so everyone can fill the it’s sheet and it fill the big one automatically !
But I would like to push it to the next level and wanted to now if there’s a way to clean all the individual timesheet everyday but keeping datas in the main one ? (I guess yes but not with the same tble)

I found this template: https://coda.io/t/Clocking-In-a-Timesheet-Gmail_tf229A0YZ1g
It’s almost perfect, but the thing is in the timelog it duplicates everyday, even if it’s the same project, I wanted to know if it’s possible to increment the project everyday and not creating a new row ?

I’ve no idea if i’m clear but hope so and hope someone can help me !
You can check my Coda here if needed: https://coda.io/d/Project-Management_dTbVR54POJg

Looking forward, Thank you very much !!