Make a user a DOC owner through API

I am trying to find how to turn a user in the owner of the DOC using API. I am selling a template and I am creating a automation where I can create a new DOC based on the template or just share it. I was able to insert the email using “Add Permission”, but I didn’t find a way to, if I create a new doc, put an email as the owner.

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I don’t think you can do that. The update ACL endpoint only allows setting readonly / comment / write permissions but not reassign the owner.

Besides, it might not be possible to reassign the owner at all. IIRC you can only reassign the owner when both users are in the same domain and exist in the same workspace. So that means you’d have to add everyone to your workspace, pay for them all, and let them see each other :slight_smile: which is probably not what you want.

You can do this:

  • Make a copy for a client and assign them the read-write permissions.

  • Let them copy the doc for themselves — this would make them the owner of that copy but also open up “piracy” possibilities where a client could redistribute the doc and not pay you.

  • I would rather make the person their doc copy but restrict copying the doc. Yes, I’ll stay the owner, and the doc will live in my workspace, and the client will only have editor rights, but I’ll be a little bit safer (that’s exactly what I’ll be doing with my Learn Formulas in X Minutes guide)

I agree that the feature could be a very useful addition. But it comes with some problems. E.g. the user may have multiple workspaces, and they’re a maker in some but only an editor in the other. What should the workflow be when you create a doc for the user? Should it land in their default workspace, or should it open them a dialog to choose, or what?

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