Make button inactive within a time period

I have a question that I need help with: I want a button to be inactive or change its label if it has been pressed within the last 3 days. The use-case is that I want to notify users to remember to fill inn some fields. Therefore I manually, or if possible automatically, push out a notification if they have not been notified yet. Alternatively the notification could be sent out every e.g. Tuesday & Friday

  1. Store the time when the button was last pressed, e.g. by pairing up the original action with thisRow.ModifyRows([Button clicked at], Now())
  2. Make the button invalid if Now() - [Button clicked at] < Days(3)
  3. Optionally, do the same for the label: set a formula that displays one value when it’s been < 3 days, and another value afterwards, using If()

To avoid recalculation every second, if you don’t need the specifics — use Today() instead of Now().

You can set up the automation to fire every day and just press all the buttons — it shall skip the buttons that are inactive.