Disable button for a time perioid after clicking

I want to add additional functionality that disables the button for a few minutes after clicking. It is a button that sends an email asking for a permission change, so an editor can edit a page.
I can’t write a formula for “Disable if” that would go something like: dsable if time after click < 5 minutes.
If it’s not possible maybe there is a better way to block user from spaming someone’s inbox?

hi @Wiktor_Strzezek ,

did you consider something like below:

Now() > Created(thisRow) + Minutes(5)

Modified() is in your case maybe the better route

cheers, Christiaan


It’s always a good idea to use Now(“minute”) instead of Now().
It should be a default by the way.

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good addition @Breno_Nunes , merci

it would become something like:

Now("minute") > Modified(thisRow) + Minutes(5)

we all keep on learning!
cheers, christiaan


Thank you lads for a reply,
What you wrote here is valid, but unfortunatelly does not solve my problem. The button is not in the table, so using “thisRow” as a reference for Modified method will not work. I also tried passing name of this button as a variable but it does not work either.

Hello @Wiktor_Strzezek,
I already got a similar issue in another context (Make can’t push a button if it isn’t in a table :thinking:).
==> Why not adding this button into a table (and customize the table to make it appear like a simple button) ?

You can save the „lastClicked“ time for that specific button in a table or canvas control.

When you have many buttons like this, you should make a table with a column „name“ and „lastClicked“. Every button now needs to run an additional action (e.g. via runactions formula) that updates the last clicked column for his row (using name as identifier).
In the button disabled settings you use this value instead of modified for the formula mentioned above.

If it is just one button you can also store the lastclicked value in a canvas control and update this every time the button is clicked.

Would that work? I can also make a test doc later but I‘m just on the phone right now.


I think that would work for me, thank you.

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