Make thisRow.Modified Undoable

I love to use thisRow.Modified() to have Data column of my table automatically updated whenever I change anything in the row. BUT if I touched something accidentally - there is no way to Undo it.

Please, make it Undo-able :smiley:

That’s a tough one to decide on. It’s kind of like being able to change the timestamp on an email, it doesn’t mean as much if you can. I can definitely see how in this use-case that being able to un-do would work well, but it would change tracking for other use-cases.


Not sure if it right to compare it with email timestamp, Coda is creating future here and emails are outdated :slight_smile:
For me undoing to previous step was a logical/natural decision and I was surprised it didn’t work.
Sure, there are a lot of hidden stones BUT I hope you’ll figure out elegant way to handle such situations :smiley:

There’s an axiom about this comment that’s worthy of respect -

Never do anything that will surprise the user unless it’s perceived as beneficial.

In any stringent compliance or regulated environment, the ability to intentionally or unintentionally rewrite history will rule out a SaaS solution from being attractive in many opportunities. So I get it - the platform cannot [easily] bypass anything related to proper logging of discrete changes and their associated identities.

But I think @ASOPlay_Team has a point -

I assume an undo would remove all edits to the field(s) and once a record is back to it’s original state matching the previous timestamp, where’s the harm?

Certainly, it’s an all-or-nothing gate that must be walked back, but if the record is changed and then such changes are fully abandoned, a new timestamp on an unmodified row is as equally wrong as forcing a user to accept inadvertent changes and/or sustain a new timestamp for no changes at all.

Anytime where I need a timestamp for something, I use a button so that it can be more deliberate. Is this a possibility that might be better suited for your doc?

I definitely understand the Modified() ease of use and that it can be used in different ways. At the moment though, I’m not sure this is something that can be solved within the system. It’s valuable for quite a few reasons. We’ve added buttons, automations, and more is on the way. As these get used in a doc, for things like modifying rows, it can be helpful to know when a row changed for any reason.

In this particular case it’s whether or not a user edited the content and whether or not that content stayed edited from it’s previous state, which would most likely take some heavy lifting to change without affecting other aspects of what this particular function offers.

I’m happy to brainstorm other ideas that might be better solutions for your use-case, I just can’t say that this it’s possible to change this particular function at the moment.