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We have just kicked off a new project to create an inclusion innovation playbook using Coda. Our goal is to share it far and wide to support and encourage people to make digital products and services that work for more people, more of the time.

Ironically one of our team members is unable to view the text in coda. She is autistic and dyslexic and has issues with bright, high contrast as she can’t focus on the letters or process the information. She uses a browser extension called helperbird, but if she uses this to change the font and background colour the content on coda mostly disappears

Does anyone have any ideas on what is causing this and how to address it?

If we can’t resolve this we will have to move to a different platform and would be such a missed opportunity to make more people aware of Coda.

She shared the following…

  • Having a dark mode option is great, but both light and dark mode are high contrast so don’t work for everyone
  • The default font is quite slim which can be difficult to read and there is no way of changing this. Useful options to have compatible with websites are OpenDyslexic and Bionic Reading (this is quite new but works great for me).
  • There are no inbuilt accessibility tools, such as Recite me which you can see used on the NAS website:

Thanks in advance for support so we can stay using Coda.

I tried the plugin to try finding a solution, but I cannot use any of the settings without a pro version. Perhaps you can try contacting helperbird instead? Hopefully coda will implement more accessible settings in the future

Thanks for trying Rickard. Appreciated.

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My name is Robert James from Helperbird.

We are going to look into this today and hopefully will have some news for you in a few hours :slight_smile:
Thank you


Hey Robert James,

Thanks so much for being so proactive. I am pleased to share that my colleague has found a setting that means it works now. All is well and we can continue developing the Inclusive Innovation Playbook in Coda.



P.S. We’ll mention Helperbird as when we talk about accessibility tools in the playbook.
It is very much a collaborative and open project. If you’d like to be more actively involved in contributing you can get involved here:

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