Manage recurring tasks (like expenses in your startup)


I built a simple template to add and manage recurring expenses. This could be used for recurring revenue or other recurring tasks.

You can use the template here:

Would love to hear any feedback

thanks @Hector_Reyes

did you check this part besides having a dry test run (which should have worked):

Create a time-based automation:

  1. Step 1- Time based, every monday.
  2. Step 2- If Step1.Result = First Monday of Month
  3. Step 3 - Then push “Add all recurring expenses” button.

This made me think of : Automate action every first Monday of month? - #9 by Christiaan_Huizer

cheers!, Christiaan

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Hi @Christiaan_Huizer , yes I guess that’s also a feasible solution! Will give it a test, thanks for sharing!

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