Many buttons into a cell

Are there a way to show many buttons inside a single cell?

I was using the concatenate(button(), button(), button()) formula to do that, but Button() is experimental and stop working.

For example:
I have 3 columns with button format and 1 another column called actions that I use the Button() formula to concatenate those 3 columns, but the Button() are experimental and stop work.

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I would imagine it’s not possible, the same way it’s not possible to have multiple dates inside a column of type Date, etc. Also, concatenate is probably only for values that can trivially be converted to Text (string).

As a workaround you could probably have some way to make a master button in that last column that when clicked clicks those three buttons, if that is something you would want?

Side note, this topic falls under the Ask the Community Tag.

I think that I need to wait when the Button() becomes a stable formula.

Watch the printscreen. In the formula box the 3 buttons are rendering, but not in table:

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Hi Douglas,

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Could you explain a little about the “business” reason for having three buttons in one column? I am relatively certain that you will not be able to do that. (It would be like having three check boxes in a check box column.

But I am just as certain that there will be some way to achieve the requirement.

Coda said they’d fix this for now:

Of course this is hidden functionality and the Button formula is one of the most controversial and unstable ones. I really hope there’s an official way to render inline buttons with a formula eventually.

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