Mark checkbox if certain options are selected from a list

Working in this document:

Hello! I have clients which generate expenses and also pay me.

When a payment is added I want to SELECT FROM A LIST which expenses it’s cancelling and mark a CHECKBOX in the expense table.

I managed to get the multi-list working, but don’t know which formula to use to mark checkbox. I like the checkbox because I can check it even if no payment has been registered.


Since you still want to keep the checkbox manually checkable, a button might be the best option here.

Formula: thisRow.Movimientos.FormulaMap(CurrentValue.ModifyRows(Saldado,True()))


Wow Dalmo. THANK YOU!! :fist_right::fist_left:

bonus question: how could I make the Movimientos column list only unchecked values related to that row’s Cliente?

Dear @Mardoqueo_Sueldo,

You should create a view and filter the unchecked values and group by client.

Success :handshake:

I think this is what you mean… to filter the select list.