Markdown in a formula

I want to concatenate 2 cells; however, I’d like to include Markdown in the result, like this:



In other words, in the concatenated column, I’d like to bold Cell1 and have it in it’s own paragraph

Any ideas on how to approach this?


Hey @Jeff_Gordon, have you tried using the Concatenate() formula? I’m not sure if you tried just using a + but that doesn’t support rich text (at least not yet).

I tried concatenate, but that just put a literal “**” in instead of bolding. Unless I did something wrong.
I even tried this formula on the canvas: =Concatenate("**",AAA","**",“BBB”) and just got **AAA**BBB

I even tried putting his into the canvas: ="**AA**BB"

Ah, I see. Coda doesn’t support writing text in Markdown per se, but you can use Markdown keyboard shortcuts to format rich text in tables. Here’s a link to article you might find helpful:

Once you have rich formatted text in a cell, you can then use Concatenate() to combine those together.

From your example, it looks like you’re trying to make an unformatted cell bold. That’s a bit tricky to do now, but one temporary solution for formatting text like this is to use some of our hidden formulas like _Bold(), _Italicize(), and _Underline(). Use these with caution, as they’re hidden formulas that we might remove in the future. Formatting like this isn’t high on our priority list, but perhaps in the future we could have a Pack that would support Markdown, or other formatting formulas. Hope that helps!


Hi @oleg,

I was wondering about this. I’ve got some conditional formatting based on item status (“done” = strikethrough on several fields). I then concatenate those fields into another table, and the idea was that the strikethrough text would signal (amidst other text) that that item was “done,” obviously.

However, the conditional formatting does not survive the concatenation. I just verified that text formatting does survive concatenation when it’s applied directly to the text, as you mention. (Even text color and highlight concatenate, which is pretty nifty. :crazy_face:)

So, is my understanding correct that text formatting does not survive concatenation when it’s conditional, but only when it’s directly applied to text? If so, is this also not high on your priority list?

This works perfectly. I’d like to vote that either these (hidden) formulas get into CODA (along with a paragraph formula), or that there become a Markdown pack.

Conditional formatting only really persists on the table, and doesn’t modify the underlying data. This is intentional, as formatting something like a numeric cell is possible, but you still want to be able to just use those values as a number. Plus things would get complicated with multiple views, as each view can set up different conditional formatting rules.


I have this formula to pull tasks from a tabel into text format.


How do I go about striking through tasks that are marked as completed? I tried different variations of _strikethrough () but that didn’t seem to work.

Thanks in advance!

Formula would be

Tasks.FormulaMap(if(CurrentValue.Completed, _strikethrough(CurrentValue.[Task Name]), CurrentValue.[Task Name])).BulletedList()


When you create a report using formulas that pulls raw data from other sources (tables), the formatting becomes important for presentation purposes…

_BOLD() seems disabled now, at least inside table cell can’t get it to work. Markdown in formulas is needed. And support for linebreak in Concatenate and Join, something like \n or special formula for this, e.g. Linebreak()

UPD. Got _BOLD() to work, there was my mistake.


See if Character(10) gives you the line break action you want.

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Oh, it works, thanks! Didnt find this formula before )

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+1 on making these hidden formulas permanent. Very useful in conjunction with the Format().