Mathematical Calculation

Please can someone help me to solve this calculation.
I have a form that inputs various numbers as values.
This is the calculation as resemble by column names:
Where RR & CR are expressed in %.

Hmmmm i honestly can’t tell what you’re asking. Could you provide a little more context?

your formula is using commas for some reason.

such notation is not available in coda.

what do the commas indicate?

The commas is for multiplication of the numbers in the column

I have a registration form that takes in values of LA,LR,BA,BR,DR,RR,CR as a number. Now i want to get the final value of LUC by multiplying and adding values of the inputed numbers as follows: LUC= [(LA x LR)+(BA x BR x DR)] x RR x CR

I think you can write literally what you wrote. But instead of the square brackets use “()” and instead of the “x” use a “*” to multiply

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