Calculations inside format() function

Hello, I’d like to create a little math oriented page & graphs.

I created a textbox with my formula “format-oriented”, such as “Power(10,{1})”
Then, I would like in a formula column of a table use something like this. Is there any to make coda understand that i’d like to re-calculate the “text” as a formula ?

HI Quentin,

Short answer is no.

But you could put the parameters for the formula in columns, and then write a column formula that refers to those columns.

If needed, you could also write a formulaMap() button that will create the rows with 5.1, 5.2 etc.

Rambling Pete

Longer answer is yes but that involves hacking the actions :slight_smile:

To understand what I did here take this guide :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Community, @Quentin_Morel !

Hi !
Thanks for these answer (and sorry for my own delay)…
I think I will have to study in depth your video Paul, but seems very interesing.

I’ll let you know about this little challenge.

Have a nice day

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