Matrix - cross linking to tables


Dear fellow Coda lovers,

I have a challenge that somehow I am not able to overcome.

In the table below I have a garment construction overview.
As you can see from the table below each garment has one or more details

What I am looking for to create a table that summarizes for each style what details are used in one row.

Style-1 => Fpanel, Bpanel, Lsleeve, Rsleeve, Manchette 2x1
Style-2 => Fpanel, Bpanel, Lsleeve, Rsleeve, Lining, Manchette 2x1

The items should be cross linked like in a matrix

Thanks in advance for your time and efforts to support me :bulb:



I’m not sure if this is what you were looking for, but here’s what I put together with some help from this post: How to use a list or array as filter condition?

A [Details Table] where the Styles a multiple select list from a second [Styles Table]. Then the Styles Table looks to see what Details contain each style.

Style Options from Styles Table

List if Style is IN Details Table

The [Styles Table].Details formula is this:

[Details Table].Filter(In(StyleID,Styles)).DetailID

Dear @benblee,

Works like a charm :muscle:thanks for the detailed explanation and reference link.
I am 100% sure many other users will benefit :heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign:

This shows again how important is this community for development :arrow_forward::fast_forward: