Meal planning doc

Hello Community!

When I joined Coda last year one of my onboarding projects was to build a doc of my own design, using some of the advanced features of the product. I decided to tackle meal planning, as I do all the grocery shopping and cooking in my household, and was in need of a better solution for keeping it all straight. I built the initial version in a few days, and after months of use I was able to further refine it. And now it’s a published doc that anyone can use!

Some notable qualities of the doc are:

  • Optimized for mobile, since I do my meal planning while at the grocery store.
  • Automatically populates the grocery shopping list based on the meal plan.
  • Includes a recommendation engine for when I have run out of ideas.
  • Has a the ability to configure staple goods, which are automatically added to the shopping list on a regular schedule.

It was a blast to build this doc out, and it’s made me much more efficient and effective while at the grocery store. I hope you enjoy it as well!