Recipe Tracker - Using controls to create recommendations


After a great idea from @chris_homburger, I put together a sample doc and did a quick video overview. Enjoy and please share your ideas for improvement!


Recipe Tracker - Suggestions?

@maria you have the perfect voice for this. Is this a skillset you have learned or just have?


Thanks @cnr! Before I got into the tech world, I actually trained as an actor. You can still find me on stage or narrating books. I really enjoy bringing tech and arts together!


Hey! I’d love your help in making something similar. I’d love to go the next level and make a meal planner. The backend tables would be a recipe + ingredient database mapped whether they are appropriate breakfasts / snacks / dinners. What I’m caught up on is figuring out how to support a frontend where we could select ingredient or a recipe, then we’d get a list of recipes that share ingredients, which we could select to fill out a week, outputting a shopping list and recipes. Sounds crazy???


Sounds crazy awesome! Here’s the link to the template that this post was talking about.

I would also recommend checking out this article since it gets into Layouts and Subtables.

A few other ideas:

  1. Have one table with a list of all ingredients and their type (for easy finding in the grocery store)
  2. Have a table with recipes, what meal they are for (select list), and what ingredients they use (lookup from the ingredients list)
  3. You could then have a few controls that select different recipes/meals, etc to find your options

Keep us posted!