Better control over your cooking

Iv made a doc for better keeping control over my recipes, suggestions on what to make and thoughts from attempt to attempt. And I would love some thoughts and feedback on how to make it even better.
Go a head and jump into the intro too see how it works and why it is setup as it is :smiley:

Look forward to some discussions and improvment suggestions


This is a really cool doc!

I like the idea of separating “attempts” from the rest. And with shelter-in-place being the new normal I’ve been cooking more, and that could use a boost in creativity :laughing:

Thank you for posting!

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Thanks Ben! Yeah that was one thing that was missing in my cooking.
That recipes could gradually take shape over time.
That I could do something new from time to time to increase it.
Meaning after 5 attempts and certain comments, I could “upgrade” the recipe to my new likings :smiley:
So it has been helpful for me!