Recipe Tracker - Suggestions?

I’ve looked for YEARS to find a convenient and simple way to create and import recipes, and I’m hoping to put one together in Coda to share recipes across our team (we’re big bakers).

Anyone have a similar sample document they’re willing to share, or ideas?

I’m thinking a section for each recipe, grouping them by ‘genre’, and maybe a header section for ToC and shopping list. Would it be useful to build a Gantt chart so you can time recipes together?

I think you’re onto something here @chris_homburger! Here are a few suggestions:

  1. One master table with every recipe name, duration, author, genre, link to the section with the instructions
  2. Each recipe could then have a section like you said
  3. You could even have a master ingredient table so you could pull formulas to create a shopping list
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Thanks for the tips, @maria! I’m starting it now and seeing it’s a little difficult to associate a number in the canvas area with a number in a table—for instance, how would I list a value for the approximate time in the main page and the section itself?

I’ll add you to the doc now so you can take a look and see what I mean. Personal project, so not critical! But feel free to add a recipe if you’d like.

I’m cooking up something (forgive the pun!) for you too! I’ve just shared a basic tracker for you - not to worry other Coda Community folks, I’ll post it here too shortly. :slight_smile:

For your question, I added a formula suggestion to the doc! You’ll want to pull from the cookie control.

EDIT - You can find a video of my doc here - Recipe Tracker - Using controls to create recommendations