Recipe and Inventory system with store control

Good morning all,

I have been using coda for a while now and have a pretty good grasp on it overall, but something has had my stumped for days.
I can’t seem to even get my head around how it would work, let alone put it together.

I manage a small commercial business which involves cooking on a large scale.
I’m looking to make a small system that can track out inventory, based off recipes, calculating weights, etc.

I have looked at many of the templates offered here including the Pantry and Recipes by @laurin-lukas-stahl and the Equipment Management by @ben-at-coda but none of them seem to do what I’m after, nor have I been able to get my head around modifying them.

I may not be great at explaining what I’m after, so please let me know if something isn’t clear.
Essentially I want to be able to;

  1. Have a Storeroom of raw material which includes quantity on hand (kg). (Categorys would be helpful as well, ie. Grain, Dairy, etc.)

  2. Have a list of recipes which has any number of ingredients in it (from the storeroom)

  3. Be able to add recipes through a form and dictate how much of each ingredient is in it.

  4. Have a production table, controlled by a form. The process would be;

  • “Do production” based off a recipe.
  • The storeroom subtracts quantities from the storeroom, based off the recipe used.

I’m able to create a system that can pull in the ingredients easily enough, just like the Pantry and Inventory template, but then how can I specify how much of each ingredient is used?
Similarly, I’m able to make a recipe with ingredients, but can’t specify an amount used.

I’ve tried a few different things including having each recipe added as a table of it’s own, subtables of the recipe and ingredients, and even wondered if I need a massive table with a column for each ingredient.

I am not sure if coda is capable of this, but more likely suspect it’s beyong my capability,

Has anyone created anything like this, or have any suggestions on how to go about it?
I am not sure if it’s allowed, but I am willing to have a conversation with someone that might be able to assist about renumeration for your time as well, please just reach out.


Hey @John_Jarvis I have created something like this, much more advanced than the examples you have listed. Are you looking to build it yourself custom for your needs or would you prefer to use something already made?

Thank you for the reply @Johg_Ananda.

What I described is the initial part of my project so ideally I’m looking for something that I can create and/or modify in to something larger.