Create, 'save' and recall recipes

Hey all!

I’m hoping someone might be able to help with this -

I’ve got three tables, one is a list of recipes, one is a list of ingredients, and a third is a nutrient tracker.

I am trying to get it so that you can enter invidual ingredients into the nutrient tracker and then ‘save’ these nutrients as a recipe, so that you can easily add them to the nutrient tracker when you have the same set of ingredients again.

I’m able to do the ingredient part okay, but when I try and add the amount (e.g. how many grams of each item) that’s where I’m getting stuck - I can’t figure out a way to ‘store’ the volume of the ingredients (e.g. how many grams) in a way that can easily recall them. I’m thinking maybe there is some way to ‘tag’ the ingredients and the amount for easy lookup?

I hope that makes sense but let me know if more clarification is needed!


Could you share a version of your doc so that we can see what you have and try to help?

Thanks so much for jumping in on this, I really appreciate it!

My doc is kind of a huge mess at the moment (as I have a lot of other content in there, so I’m concerned that sharing the doc on this occassion would probably make it way more confusing, but here’s a screengrab of the section that I’m referring to here in case it helps!?

Unfortunately I don’t understand what you are looking for. Let me try to say what I understand:
You want to have multiple different recipes that each require a different set of ingredients, those ingredients can be repeated (e.g. a hamburger can use lettuce and so can a salad) but the quantities will be different.

Hey Ben,

if I understand correctly, your issue is to save an amount from one table to another. Lookups won’t help you doing this (infinite amount of quantities), so you’d need an actual copy (eg. a button with a call to AddOrModifyRow() from one table to another).

But you may ask yourself … why not save the result in the nutrient table directly? Just add a new column “recipe name” and fill it with tthe same name for your list ingredients + amount … and voilà. You can even “group by” recipe. to have a nice display, use a select control to see or hide recipes. You can have multiple views on this nutrient table, with one where you filter out all the rows that have a recipe typed in (this way you can creat new recipe easily). In that view you can have a button that will automatically add the same name (typed in an input field) to all “recipeless” ingredients + amount.

Most of the time the proper solution lies in enhancing the model you use rather than coming up with complex actions on an imperfect model :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,



Thank you for your help here, much appreciated!! All the best!