Mention user group in Slack

How do I mention a user group? I was able to mention one user using the User ID, but cannot figure out how to mention a user group

By user group do you mean “slack channel”? If so I believe you just need to put “#yourchannelname” in the “channel or email” field for your button.

Hi Dustin, A user group is a group of members in a workspace who often need to be notified at once (not necessarily the whole channel, but a group of users from within a channel).

I figured it out though: The code i needed to use was: <!subteam[1]>

u can get the user group id by logging into Slack on the browser and going to People & User Groups page. The user group ID should be something like this “Sxxxxxxxxxx”

Code should be: <!subteam^Sxxxxxxxxxx>

  1. user group id ↩︎

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So cool, I didn’t know about user groups or subteams.

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