Menu layout above the doc and how it reflects the user experience

Dear Codans,

In the below screenshot of a sample doc, I have some wishes on the design to improve the user experience

  1. The menu to edit the doc to be centralized on top of the doc, instead of lined to the left. As you can see at the right to the “share” is very much empty space!
  2. The above will give the possibility to display the full name of the doc, also for the ones with longer names. Many people, incl. me have at the end of the doc a version method like “JeanPierreTraetsV1” and in the current lay-out this is not visible!
  3. And it’s not clear, in what folder the doc is located, would be nice if more easy visible!
  4. The same to show if a doc is shared or not is quite important. Have in mind that people sometimes " clean up" and delete docs that have been shared, what they didn’t remember. We see samples of that also in this community :bangbang:

Good point @Jean_Pierre_Traets,
Trimmed doc name is sometimes a bit confusing for me too


You are right @Jean_Pierre_Traets, I would add another point (I think it’s the same topic) but in the pages menu.

The trimmed names are not quite nice when you’re working with long names on pages or many “folders and subfolders”.

We have to think short names for the pages and it adds another task to do…


:bulb: It possible to create longer doc names without being in conflict with the menu

Great job Codans :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thanks a lot :100: