Method pushButton() missing in Google Apps Script library

I’ve been playing around with Coda’s API through their Google Apps Script and I’m having difficulties with the pushButton() method described here:

This is the provided example of Apps Script code:

// Import the CodaAPI library via Resource->Libraries...:
// 15IQuWOk8MqT50FDWomh57UqWGH23gjsWVWYFms3ton6L-UHmefYHS9Vl
CodaAPI.authenticate('<your API token>');
CodaAPI.pushButton('<doc ID>', '<table ID>', '<row ID>', '<column ID>');
Logger.log('Pushed button');
// => Pushed button

I’ve taken a look at the library’s source code and the pushButton() method seems to be missing in the library (version 7, 0.2.2-beta). Or am I the one that’s missing something? :slight_smile:

Hi @dkodr, we’ve updated the Google Apps Script library to include pushButton. Please update to the latest version to use it!

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