Missing hour on date/time column in tables (Daylight savings bug?)

Just noticing that today I can’t select anything in the 8 o’clock hour in date/time picker cells.

There is a duplicate of the 1:00 hour (as would be expected, given the hour rollback of the clock), but the missing 8:00 hour is a problem

image image

Anybody else having something like this?

Another aspect of the bug I just noticed. In this example table, I set column 3 to simply show the values of column 2, so the two colums should be duplicates, but many values are off by one hour

Narrowing it down, it seems that any value between 2:00 am and 8:00 am are off by an hour, and the rest are okay


just an update: seems to be somewhat fixed now, though not entirely. the double 1’o’lock hour disappeared, and now I can select times in the 8’o clock hour, but time durations that stretch across the time jump are incorrect (because of the missing doubled hour), but that’s not really a big deal (for me anyway)