Missing subtitle in Gallery search

I have published 3 templates. The subtitles show up correctly on my profile page. However, when I search for any of them, the buttons/tables show up in place of the subtitle for just my result.

Any idea how to fix this?

Hi @Yash_Banka and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

I think (after searching for “Pestle” in the Gallery and opening different docs from the result) that when you search for a specific term in the Gallery, the resulting cards of the published docs containing the term you searched for highlight the very first instance (at the very least) of that term within the doc where the subtitle should be displayed…

In other words (:sweat_smile:), your subtitle is not replaced … but when you searched for “pestle” in the Gallery, it then searched for that specific term in all published docs and to show that each result is indeed containing that specific term and is then relevant to the search results, the (at least) first instance of the term is showing up and highlighted where the subtitle should be :blush: .

If you search for “pestle analysis” in the Gallery, you’ll see that your subtitle shows up where it should :blush: : Not necessarily because it’s your subtitle but because your subtitle contains the word “analysis” (which is highlighted). You can also see that the title of your doc is highlighted…

I guess that if you wanted “to fix” how your subtitle appears in search results, the only way I can think of would be to re-use the terms “PESTLE” in your subtitle too … but that might be redundant with your title … :thinking:

I’m sorry if everything is not as clear as it should :sweat_smile: … I don’t have enough coffee in my system yet :innocent:

But don’t hesitate if you have other questions :blush: !


That is super helpful! Thank you @Pch!

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No problem @Yash_Banka :smiling_face: !

Glad to know this helped :grin: !