Mobile always logs me out?

New to this community, have been using coda for everything for some time now tho. Love it and evangelize it at my work haha <3

Whenever I travel I rely pretty heavily on coda for my itenary and other information which i store for quick lookup (the mobile integration is just so convenient and beautiful). Recently went to Hong Kong and Tokyo where I was having some difficulties with really slow connection, so it became painfully obvious to me how I seemed to be getting logged out of the app every time. Is this a general issue or something that maybe I’m specifically facing? I log in with my gmail account so maybe that’s partly an issue? Also I have an iphone. Also, maybe it’s a security thing?

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Dear @Anthony_Cho,

Great having you in this community :handshake:

I am not the right person to give you a proper reply, although I don’t think that Coda at this stage should be used when you can’t rely on a good connection.
Just write to , mention the doc you intended to use and I am sure they will advise you accordingly.