Coda mobile logs me out

I have a problem, which I think is common to everyone, that the Coda mobile App logs me out every day.

I use the Coda App when I’m working on my company, and every day I pick my tablet and open Coda it says “Sign Up”, I click on “Google Accounts” and log in, but it happens again the next day.

Is there any settings on my Coda Account or Coda App that I should check in order to prevent this from happening? It gets really annoying when you have to do it on several devices every day.

Thank you!

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Dear @SureKT,

To be honest, my login is going smooth
Does it give on other devices the same problem?

You might consider to check to see if Coda is between the apps that are allowed to sign in with Google

Otherwise I recommend the classical way to get in contact at:

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