Users can't sign up because Coda doesn't comply with Google's browser policy?

I have been using a coda doc as a lead magnet for people who I’m advertising to on Facebook.

I’ve been getting reports from these people that they aren’t able to access the doc because they get an error like the image above. The image says that Coda doesn’t comply with Google’s secure browser policy.

Is this a common thing that people have run into? I wonder how many people this affects.

Google has announced and blocked embedded webviews since 2016, which is likely the reason for this error.

Embedded web views are the browsers that facebook, instagram etc use to open web content without you leaving the app.

You’ll need to ask your users to open the doc link in a browser and not via the facebook mobile app.

Thanks for the reply!

That’s a huge bummer, because no one is actually going to take the time to do that as a cold lead. Hmm.

Does that mean any app that has a google login can’t be signed-up for via embedded web views?

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I believe so although I only did a quick google for the above ! Would recommend reading into it !

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