Modify Rows based on results from selection box


Hi all

Is it possible to modify multiple rows based on a selection box?

Basically, I have a selection box that contains 3 selections, those selections are:

Selection 1: Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct
Selection 2: Feb, May, Aug, Nov
Selection 3: Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec

I would like to change a tables column to match my selection

On Table 3, I would like to the VAT months column to show the months based on what’s selected.

Is this possible?

I thought using ModifyRows would work looking at the formula guide but can’t seem to use it on a selection box.




I found a workaround by adding hidden columns, Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3 and putting the months in there then based on the formula below, it would change another box [VAT Period] giving the output I require.

Maybe not the nicest way of doing it but it works.

If([VAT Period]=“Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct”,thisRow.[Set 1], if([VAT Period]=“Feb, May, Aug, Nov”,thisRow.[Set 2], thisRow.[Set 3]))