When modifying rows, we need the ability to select multiple rows

It would be great if Coda allowed us the ability to select multiple rows in order to change the fields of more than one row at a time. Really need that. Just messed up my data FOR THE SECOND TIME and I have to go back and fix all my data :frowning:

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Dear @Londya_E,

Might be a strange question :thinking:: Would you mind to show a sample to make it more clear what you mean?

Many others and me would like to be able to set multiple columns to set them to one and the same type, for example when you want to add numbers to get all coulmn types of the format “number”.

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I believe his idea is to be able to change some random rows specific column at once. For example, I have a few leads in a CRM that just changed their status from “new lead” to “deal closed”. I want to select them individually and update the Status column just for the selected ones.

Yes, this is the use case she means. :slight_smile:

Here’s a similar thread with some ideas:

Here’s what I often do: a checkbox column to select items to modify, then a button to apply the change in bulk (in this case there’s complicated logic behind those actions):


Hi Paul, thanks for this! I’m going to go check it out :open_mouth: :grinning: