How do I select and move multiple rows within a table to group or reorder them in bulk?

I can’t seem to figure out how to make it work. Am I missing something?

I am trying to bulk select and move these entries into a new group.

Even after selecting multiple, it only gives me the option to move one entry at a time.

Dear @John,

From the grouped view it’s not possible to do it in this way :frowning_face:
For the time being, I recommend to do it in the standard table view, where you sort the column on the group names and when the group needs to be updated to do this from there.

The changes will reflect in the grouped table as you made a screenshot!

We are using Coda for multiple purposes, one of which is as a CRM. We have Canban view section where we have our leads, opportunities and in progress cases. You can see demo picture of the setup here:

Very often we need to move 5-10 or even more cases from lead to opportunity or from opportunity to won-in progress. Bulk moving them would be really cool.

PS We have tried also workarounds like buttons, but our coda doc is already full of buttons and automations and we do not want to make it more complicated.