Bulk Edit Columns in a Table

I’m trying to edit the columns of X selected rows in a table and it would be great to be able to do it in bulk instead of one by one.

Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V is your friend:


I wished that was always possible but it’s not. You can see an example for when that doesn’t work here: https://www.loom.com/share/8d14f7634bf143e7bf146aeea3f0a4ac

Ha, thanks for the video response.

That’s why it’s the best practice (not sure if officially — at least I treat it as the best practice) to keep the master table as an ungrouped, unfiltered table somewhere in a dedicated “private” section, and use Views to present that data elsewhere in the docs. It’s much easier to edit data when it’s readily available somewhere in Table mode.

Now, the fact that you cannot select non-continuous range of cells is indeed a problem. I wish it was possible to multi-select individual cells by Ctrl+clicking, as it is possible with files. As a temporary workaround, you can filter the table so that only the rows that you want to modify are displayed, and then bulk-copy-paste the value. If there’s no simple way to filter on existing data, you can add a checkbox column to manually check off the rows that you want to edit, then filter based on that, and also have a button that would clear all checkboxes at once.

P.S. That said, I think that clicking the checkboxes would hardly be faster than just manually selecting each sub-range and pressing Ctrl+V over each of them.

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+1 for ability to multi-select (Ctrl+click) and bulk paste (Ctrl+V) to:

  • non-contiguous cells
  • non-contiguous canvas text
  • object instances (chips) in formulas

I admire your “out of the box” :takeout_box: thinking :brain: - something I have improved on, but still a :motorway: to go :walking_man:

This is of course also the beauty :diamonds::large_blue_diamond::large_orange_diamond: from Coda, in development and offering an environment that has a minimum of limitations.

@Raul_San_N.H, great way with your video to show your challange :trophy:

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