To delete values in selected cells

Hey guys. I want to clean the cells I have selected in the table, but I don’t see how I can do it. I even asked ChatGPT, which told me that after I selected a set of cells there must be some button that looks like three dots but I don’t see anything like this. Now if I selected a cet of cells and use delete button it deleted the whole row I created.
I already searched in community forum, Googled and searched on Youtube. It seems that I must be really stupid and don’t see something that is so obvious that nobody even wrote about it.

Eventually I started typing all buttons at the keyboard while keeping the needed area selected and found out that Backspace cleans the values.

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It’s not what you asked but just in case someone makes a research about this topic, if you often have to clean a certain set of cells, you can do it using a Button column type. Using “Modifiy rows” > ThisRow you can clean the columns you want in a particular row.

Using a button outside the table you can choose to clean entire columns. And you can even choose to filter what rows need to be cleaned. :grinning:

This is what I searched for though. Thank you Sonia!