Feature Request: Check multiple checkboxes with spacebar

I currently have a table of 12 employees. I want to check about 7 boxes. They are all contiguous boxes.

I’d like to be able to select the checkboxes vertically, then press spacebar once, rather than check them individually.

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Good point, @cnr
And I’d extend it to any kind of multi-selection (e.g. if you want to input the same string value in several rows for a text column).

I am pretty sure you already know it, but perhaps it’s useful for others: as a workaround - with just a couple of more typing - you can

  • set the value on the first cell cell (spacebar)
  • copy it (Ctrl+C)
  • select the others rows
  • paste it (Ctrl +V)

This obviously work for any number of columns at once.


Ah, did not know that, thank you for the tip!

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