Make select box for column names not rows

We are able to make a select or multi select box based on rows and the data in a row, I’d like to be able to make a select box based on the names of columns. I have data that comes in every week and so I make a new column each week.

I have a filter based on columns but I have to remake the filter each week because I have to type in the column. Would be nice if I could select the column in a select box and then point the filter to that select box instead.


You could gain the same functionality by having a single “week” column, that you add to all your data. (With values week 1, week 2, and so on (or whatever).) Then you can filter your data based on the value of the row in that column. Would that get you the functionality you want? It would have the added advantage of making it easier to aggregate data over weeks (“give me everything weeks 1 through 3”)