Month number with 2 digits (April = 04)

I’m using Concatenate() on a field in my table.
Concatenate(Date.Month(), Client, Value)
I need that the month has 2 digits, not only one.
So April should be 04 and not 4.
How can I specify this?

@Alessandro_Scaltritti ,
you might consider Coda | Formula library (LeftPad)
it will do the trick
enjoy, Christiaan

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Dear @Alessandro_Scaltritti,

Personally I prefer the format formula, like in the below sample:


I also tend to prefer Format() formula, as it’s usually a bit more flexible.

Also, it has a pre-built in pattern, so you can write
Format("{1:00}, [Date].Month()") You can set the number of digits after “:”
and you’ll have the leading zero only when necessary.

(@Jean_Pierre_Traets, in your case it would put a leading zero also in two digits months).

I hope it helps!


Dear @Federico_Stefanato,

Thanks a lot for the great advise, much appreciated feedback. :trophy:


at the end I have this working formula:

Concatenate(Date.year().Format("{1:00}"), Date.month().Format("{1:00}"), Date.Day().Format("{1:00}") , Client, Value)

I think it could be better but it works and that’s enough.
Thank to everyone!

Hi @Alessandro_Scaltritti ,

Since Format() takes a list of ordered parameters, you might find this even more convenient:


So you can get rid of Concatenate() altogether.

In case of year - being it a 4 digit - the pattern would not work: as it “fills” with leading zeroes until the length. i.e. it doesn’t cut the value.

Feel free to ask if it’s not clear.


Good! Really clever. Thanks a lot!