More Customization Options for Views

I’m looking for more customization options when laying out my table data. When I insert a Detail view, for instance, I’d like to choose which data properties are show in the card on the left side.

I’d also like a lot more control when picking layouts for expanded row detail views. If I could lay out my table rows more like a page, it would be immensely helpful with some of the documentation my team is creating.

Hi @Christa_Stephens :blush: !

You can actually choose what’s shown as a Description (which is the line just under the value from the display field of a row in your screenshot) in a detail display :blush: .

If you click on the Display link/button of the relevant table/view, it will get you to the Detail display menu where you should find a Description dropdown menu allowing you to select what to display as a description (in between other things that can be customised) :blush: .

You can also get to that menu by clicking on Options (instead of Display) and then, in the right pane find Detail displayDescription :blush:

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I didn’t know I could do this - thanks! I still maintain that greater customization would be very helpful - the ability to make the left panel of the detail display behave more like a card & associate multiple properties to it, control how they’re styled, etc. would be so useful when creating apps for a non-power user.

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