Detail view without the left hand panel

Hi all, I’ve been struggling with this one for a few days, and have a funny feeling its actually really easy…

How can I display just one row of table data, vertically as in the detail view, but without displaying the left-hand panel which normally shows all the rows’ display columns?

The reason I want to do this is I have several pages of unstructured data (draft website copy), but I 'd like to display key information about that specific page from the book plan (such as status, author, approver, template etc). I don’t want to put all the page copy directly into the table, as every page is different. I can filter the table to show the relevant row, but am left with a load of empty space.

I’ve created a sample doc here. Any suggestions or advice would be really appreciated!

Update: I’ve made things a little nicer by moving the left hand nav to the bottom. Still not perfect though!

Hey there! Another option would be to display all your relevant row information through canvas based formulas - and then you can format that however you like.

You can also make all your canvas based formulas that are pulling information from tables dependent on a control so that you can quickly change that information and display different rows.