Width of Detail View

Hi all,
The detail view of tables is a godsend - it essentially forms the backbone of all the interfaces for tables in our project management system.
However, the lack of horizontal space for tables embedded in the layout view is making things quite difficult.
Take a look at this screenshot - how our project viewer looks currently during use.
Theres a TONNE of whitespace to the right which is not used.
Now take a look at the three embedded tables. These are extremely cramped, and are unfortunately about 70% as wide as they need to be to show the information we need to see at a glance.
Now, even if we could use the white space WITHIN the constrained layout view as it is, this would be an improvement.
Is there any hacks (perhaps outside of standard coda settings) which can force the layout view to be wider, or the embedded tables to be a little wider?)

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Exactly same situation, big doc, lot of section organized using detail view and half monitor white and useless…i’d like to make detail view larger or put one aside the other!

One option would be to use CSS to override the defaults.

At least for me just giving more width to the sidebar and detail part helps:

/* Detail side */
._3_QsQBLw {
  width: 300px;


/* Detail width */
.kr-line.kr-line-set-width {
    width: 1600px;

Check this message for more instructions to hack the css Better formula editor


Oh @Jami_Haavisto : I suspect this is exactly what I’m after.
Going to have a good read / play - but many many thanks.
Will report back when I’ve had time to figure it out.
@BenLee I feel having a more user friendly approach to this would help a large number of folk around here! I do appreciate that while it feels a relatively straight forward feature to implement, its probable the resources to turn it into a reality make it a much harder path to take.

Not really a solution if you need to switch between sections too often, but you can expand any view to “full screen” to take full width for a while:


Yeah - we constantly switch between sections, as otherwise this works!
I was even fiddling with trying to automate the full screen switch using external software, but it would take a lot longer than I’ve got to get it working I think :slight_smile: