More options for date formatting

When creating a column of type date we can select the date format to be rendered:


Sometime it is useful to know whether this is a Monday or a Saturday.

Currently the workaround is to create an extra column using the WeekdayName(Date) formula.

I would prefer to simply have a formatting option that shows me that information.


Hi Paul-Julien,

Great idea! A few of us had the same thought. We’ll be rolling out two new date formatting options with the name of the weekday later this week.

Here’s a sneak peek:



@oleg It would be great to have also a time picker for time columns cells. As of today, we have to write the time by hand which is not very convenient. Thanks!

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Duly noted, @tomavatars - it’s on our list! Thanks for the suggestion.


A year later, but I second this. It would be especially nice if combined date+time fields come with both a date picker and a time picker. If I remember correctly, Airtable does this quite nicely.


I’d like to be able to format my dates like Dateformat(MMYY) for datecodes. If anyone has a workaround, it’d be appreciated.