Noobie - Format Weekends

Hi Folks

This is a real noobie question. Apologies if it has been answered elsewhere. If it has, I can’t find it.

I am building a really simple time tracker. Each row starts with a date picker and I would like to format rows that are weekends in a different colour.

I’m something of a formula novice, so idiot proof responses would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time and attention.


Hi @moleytv :grin: and welcome to the Community :grin: !

I think this could help you :wink:

I’ve used the formula WeekdayName() to simply get the name of day from the date and just apply a conditional formatting rule of the table for when the date is a “Saturday” or a “Sunday” :wink:.
I’ve created another example with different colors for Saturday and Sunday too :wink: .

This can also be done by using Weekday() where Saturday=7 and Sunday=1 :wink: .
(for a little bit of help about Weekday(), see here :wink: )

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Hi @Pch

Thanks so much! That worked a treat .

For anyone who might find it useful my conditional formatting for the table looks like this:




You’re welcome :grin: !