More user friendly Calendar/Timeline features

Possibly moving from Notion to Coda… loving so many features! However, while testing over here there are a few areas that make it difficult when using the Calendar and Timeline views.

Here are some improvements that I think would really help with task and project time management.

Calendar View:

  • To be able expand out the bar to adjust the dates on the month calendar view (the same way it works on the Timeline view or Google Calendar).
  • The ability to see other column info in the bars on all views (month, week, day).

Timeline view:

  • You can’t scroll through the Timeline view which is really strange to me and makes it hard to navigate over timelines that span a larger amount of time.
  • When there is a wider range of dates, moving around items on the Timeline is not nearly as flexible as it should be, dates seems to jump by large spans and it’s hard to easily move blocks to particular dates.
  • The ability to see other column info in the bars.
  • To be able to click into your Timeline view on the date to add a new row without having to open the canvas up to add the dates.