Multi Tier Access Levels

Hi–hoping to find guidance to set up a couple separate levels of access for my doc.

I’d like to share a doc so that anyone in my domain can interact with the doc (use search/filters) but also allow specific people on my team to edit values/add rows. Is there any way to do this?


Myself - Doc Maker
My team - Editors (need to be able update values/add rows)
Non-team members with our domain just need to view the docs, but I also want them to be able to use the filters/buttons.

I thought that I could do this if I published the doc (w/ discoverability turned off) and then shared editor access to my team, but it seems that they receive the same edit access as anyone in the domain.

I also tried giving non-team members “Play” access but it seems there’s no way to adjust play access so that they can use filters. It’s unclear to me what Play access enables.

Any advice on how how to set this up?

It seems like the only solution will be to create and cross-doc sync duplicate docs with different edit access levels, and only share the link for one of them to non-team members. However I’d like to avoid having duplicate docs just based on access restrictions if possible.

Hey there!

I believe you can indeed set up your docs like this using two different setting in a specific way:

  1. Doc Sharing
  2. Doc Locking

Doc Sharing
Just make sure that this setting is toggled on:
Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 10.47.19 AM

This will allow anyone in your domain to open and edit your doc.

Doc Locking
THEN - You are going to want to ensure that you doc is locked with the following default permissions set:

This will allow anyone to use the filters/buttons and nothing else.

LASTLY - You want to ensure that only certain people (you called them editors) will be able to update pieces.
You can do that here:

Ensure that only specific people (the ones you call Editors) are able to unlock and therefore make actions beyond just using buttons and filters.

Once the editors unlock then they will be able to do all things to the doc, not just add rows/values.

Another option is to create a published link and share that with members of your domain (with the “allow others to copy this” toggle turned off) and then share the actual editable doc link with those you want to add values/rows with specific locking features on.

That was alot so please let me know if you need any clarification! And anyone in the community, if I’m off on any of these pieces please chime in


As always, your posts are SO helpful and valuable.

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From what I can tell the problem here is that the “specific people” have to be doc makers in the workspace.

However- the second option looks like it will work better. I did not initially realize there were different edit and published doc links. Sharing the published link in ‘play’ mode seems like it should do the trick.


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