Multiple condition within SwitchIf formula - can't crack it


I have a table with Amounts and 2 types of currency. I want to simply display the items in “EUR” and in case it is “HUF” I want to convert them. BUT! The exchange rate depends on a date which will come later on during the project (or not). I want to use the exchange rate 1 (EXRate1) until there is no other exchange rate and then use the Exchange rate 2 (EXRate2) from a date (EXRateDate) I give during the project at a later stage.

I am here now but it does not work:

  thisRow.Currency="HUF".and(EXRateDate>thisRow.[Date of payment]),thisRow.[Amount]/EXRate1,
  thisRow.Currency="HUF".and(EXRateDate<thisRow.[Date of payment]),thisRow.[Amount]/EXRate2)

Somehow I can not give the “AND” formula for the Condition for the SwitchIf.

Any idea how to crack this?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hello @Egyesek_Youth_Association .

You have to write this as:

thisRow.Currency="HUF" and EXRateDate=0
or like this:
and( thisRow.Currency="HUF", EXRateDate=0)

The first option is more best practice, but both ways it should work. I didn’t look at your formulas, I noticed this syntax issue. Fixing this should bring you one step closer to solving your problem.

For more help, share a (copy) of your doc (without private information), that makes it a lot easier to help you.

Greetings, Joost


Ooooh I am so stupid… this was it! Now it works. Thank you very much!!!

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